Wednesday, July 12, 2006

good mornin all....
i'm here and the pity party is over!
have so much to catch up on.... i've been a bad blogger! so grab a cup of java (today it is cafe carmel for the coffee beanery) i went fully loaded been up since 4:40 and i'm tired.... so i went with all i could get! *wink

i hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of july! we stayed at home and cooked out and after 3 hours of tucker asking if it was dark enough to shoot off her fireworks, thank heaven it was finally dark enough! it was nice to have 4 days off in a row. house got picked up, laundry and ironing got done, and yes april derrick don't have a heart attack on me i got two of my dt layouts done! (i'm the worst and always wait to the last minute)i have to put touches on the last one tonight and get them scanned and emailed to april check out my gallery at i hope you like them!

we did have one little ok BIG mishap over the holiday week-end, (weak stomachs do not read) took tucker with me to get stuff at paul's meat market, she opens the door there everytime we go. well this time she was a little excited i told her we would get an snow cone on the way home if she would let me run to one more store. so when she pulled back on the door it came back and hit her big toe.... yes she has NO toenail now. i look down and there is blood EVERYWHERE! i feel a little weak in the stomach. i drop everything purse, cell phone, and pick her up. one of the butchers brings out a wet towel and ice, a gentleman customer picks up my purse and belonging and carries them out to my truck and opens the door for me. i of course call eric in a panic do i take her to the hospital or not.... daddy to the rescue. eric comes home and her toe does need some tending to. when eric is looking for something sharp around the house, (her toe nail is hanging on with about 1/4" of skin) what is the sharpest thing in the house, he asks.... cutterpede scrapbooking scissors! a quick dunk in alchol and they are good to go! she was sooooo brave. and when it was all said and done she was quick to remind me of her snow cone. so with ACU Jag flip flops and a red little face (from screaming at eric and crying) we were off to get a LARGE rootbeer snowcone.

done with the yard sales for the year. feel pretty good with how much i got cleared out of the house, and done alot of oragnizing. i will (with the help of melanie)be doing the growing kids sale. speaking of the house with athena's help i have picked the colors of our bedroom and started puchasing things to get it done.YEA! the colors are soooo pretty i can't stand it! very warm and cozy feeling to them.

i will be heading to kansas this weekend to see my mom and grandparents. can't wait to see them.... maybe i'll get chicken annies while i'm there! going to meet laura at while i'm there too.

gals you have got to get the book "for women only" by shaunti feldhahn love it! saw it on donna downey's blog and is very good reading! will help you understand the man in your life a little better. SURPISE they don't tell you everything and there are some things they are embarrased to tell you! SHOCK i know.

got alot of cool stuff coming up in my future with scrapbooking.... only a few people know and i think it's a surprise! so can't wait to tell you about it. getting ready to go to tulsa for ck next month. and then to scrapbook expo in austin texas in october. love them girl trips out of town, nice hotel and eating out every meal what is not to love about that.... ok if i was famous nad someone else was paying for me to go, that would be GREAT! maybe someday! i was so oragnized for GASC and focused to not spend any money shopping i got ALOT done 9 layouts and 2 mini albums (gifts) and a 12 X 12 album cover decorated (gift for my mom connie) all done! i will start getting ready here in the next couple of days to go to tulsa i want to be just as organized. shopping that will be a problem i will be cropping most of the time at scrapbooks galore and more in tulsa LOVE this store. the last time i was there i made the mistake of taking eric in with me (BIG MISTAKE, HUGE I have to go shopping now (sorry pretty woman moment)) how do you spend that much on scrapbooking stuff? he asks i don't how can you spend that much on fishing lures? love you honey

speaking of my honey eric and i will be married 6 years this friday. WOW hard to believe. it seems like just yesterday that we meet. DOC MURDOCKS fayetteville arkansas faded wrangles, faded blue shirt to match and dirty ball cap! with "makers mark" and coke in hand.... he was one hot thing ladies! (still is!) *wink! here we are many of good days and some bad days 6 years later and i love him more today, than i did yesterday. still wanna hurt him some days! *wink! but for the most part he is a great husband, provider, wonderful and patience father, and he is so dang HOT! he so should be the "AXE" shower gel and body spray model! but would mean other woman would get to smell him (APRIL.... OH no STEPHANIE is the mistress!) *WINK ha-ha lOVE that stuff!

thanks to everyone who entered my layout contest! ALL 9 of you, the 9 of you in your own way are a blessing in my life. and i love you! thanks for making me feel special.

want a good laugh.... go to and in the search box key in Nikki Payne (she is a comidian from Last Comic Standing) so FUNNY.

i will write more later have to get to work! have a great day.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne

ps wish my lil brother jerod luck he is traveling to michigan starting today to go jet ski racing! kick some butt!


Julie said... what is this big news happening in the scrap world? julie jones needs to know...when do i get to enter the club of the priviledged friends who always know everything about you? is there some application i need to fill out? a test i need to take? let me know so i can be in the club too...and so sorry about tucker's little toe...scrapbooking, it's good for all kinds of stuff. who knew?

Monica said...

Big news... I think I need an email!!!!

Congrats on whatever it is! Sorry about Tuckers toe, I would have fainted right there! Have fun on your trip!!

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