Wednesday, July 26, 2006

good morning.....

latest news in the "bull family"
tucker is now 7 and after a week long celebration....
* sunday the 16th she ate chicken annies chicken with nannie & popo and grandma connie and then she wanted no strawberry shortcake she wanted a popsicle... what?
* thursday the 20th (her actual birthday) she got to take a pinyata (how do you spell that word??) to ms angelas... cookie cake to cheer and dinner ate el loretos with eric family.
* saturday her party with all the girls started at the day spa where everyone got manicures and then lunch at chilis. (thank meli for all your help)
was a great birthday.... if i owe you money sorry i'm broke!

this week-end the bull family will be heading to el dorado kansas to watch my little brother race jet ski's. him and his whole team "reloaded racing" will be there. camping out (in a tent) by the lake and good food.... gonna love it!

ok only one more week-emd till the taping so excited and nervous at the same time. all of the girls have some ohhhhh coooool stuff that we will be doing! can't wait for you to see it!

i'm in love i WANT one of everything!

elsie flannigan if you are reading this.... I LOVE YOU and your new book.... GIRL YOU ROCK! mine is missing an autograph.... *wink *wink

i will finish my MMM tonight.... dh eric will be picking up the last picture today! off to the ding dong's at kinko's to get them color copied. if one more person there says they can't do it.... i will hurt someone. pick me up at jail *wink *wink

only two more weeks till ck in tulsa YEA FLIPPIN HAW a whole week-end with the girls. LOVE IT! did i mention i'm not packed no pictures ready.... note to self get your butt in gear. tucker will be staying with her aunt kara in fayetteville she is now so excited and thinks she is going this friday... next friday sis!

***NEWS FLASH mom stop redaing here!
i found my next tattoo and found a former Marine to do it.... so excited hope to have it done next week!

ok i didn't get my invitation in CHA in chicago (WHAT?) but i will say that i'm so looking forward to getting the new queen & co, heidi swapp, 7 gypsies, and some making memories stuff. i think my favorite is the new old timi looking stamps by 7 gypsies they look YUMMY! i'm sure you can jump on and find lots of pictures and reviews.

got some new advertising coming out for that dh eric done.... they so ROCK!

gotta get back to work
huggs OO kissi kissi kissi and lots of love
le anne


Julie said...

sounds like you've been busy and tucker's birthday party was a success! and mel wore her birthday shirt to my house the other cute!

stephfreeman said...

Hope Jarod doesn't do any more crashing this time!! Have fun and enjoy!

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