Wednesday, December 14, 2005

our first bull family funeral will happen today in our backyard about 5:30. tucker lost her first pet on monday night (she was already in bed when dh eric noticed) that "hermi" had died. so last night before bed we had to tell her. we were just going to get another one and replace him, but i thought she should understand that things don't live forever. well she took it harder than i thought she would. so after she cried and eric and i explained how "hermi" was in heaven and that Jesus was taking care of him now. i think she was ok, went right to sleep. so we will be having services for hermi bull in the backyard tonight.
ok so i'm morbid i took a picture of "hermi" in his bag and thought i would take pictures of the funeral and grave site for a scrapbook page - morbid and yet a little wierd i know, but i thought she would like to remember the loss of her first pet.
huggs OO kisses XX and love


Julie said...

oh, i'm so sorry for tucker. losing your first pet is hard. kudos to you and eric for not buying another one and not telling her though. i'll bet having a funeral for him will help her deal with it too.

stephfreeman said...

Poor Hermi. We have two hermit crabs now. Crabby (who belongs to Jackson) and Larry (who was passed from my little brother to Jake).
When Jake's first crab died he was about Tucker's age and he took it hard until we got a new one. Kids are so resilient!

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