Thursday, December 15, 2005

good morning - ok afternoon where has the day gone? well the "hermi bull" funeral went well. hermi now is buried the backyard in a cigar box with white and red roses. it was a beautiful service *tear tear. tucker is ok and just wants to go get another one, because she is worried mr ralph is lonely. so i guess we will be making a trip to petco sometime in the next week.

ok some things i have found this week....
1. dh found it .... ohhhh my!
2. got to crop some more, and get some project's done. tipton album almost done. after that is done i will be working on dh eric and i trip to NY (will be getting some great ideas from HS she just went there too) and start tucker's cheer album for last year.
3. if it stays this warm i'm ready to have another yard sale. *wink

have you thought about your NY resolutions??? i think i'm gonna a make a list this year and carry it around and see how much i actually get done. and i get one thing done, i will add another to the bottom of the list!

well i must get back to work...
huggs OO kisses XX and love

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