Thursday, December 29, 2005

good morning .. i come with VERY happy news! i guess since i got the call it's ok to share on the www! * wink
after almost 2 years of marriage my cousin (by marriage *i love her like blood) becca and her husband are going to be parents! HOLY MOLY - she called me a work, i teared up and was just so happy, i even got to pull my princess diaries "SHUT UP!"
ok thanks for letting me share... eric and becca i'm so happy for you and love you both very much, you are going to be GREAT parents! well i'm off to make baby things now.

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lilscrappymom said...

ohhh yeahhhhh!!!! i am soooo happy for them! I know they have been trying for so long and i am glad that they are gonna get their very own FROGGIE... sweet!!
Wish them the best!

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