Wednesday, December 28, 2005

i know ...i know ... i know
i have not been here in a while, but hey i'm not famous so i imagine the only folks who read this are my dear friends, family, and those who find me by accident! *lol but if you found me by accident hey stick around *wink i'm alot of fun!
well Christmas has been here and gone, the bull family made the trip to lawrence kansas to visit with my family, for the most part had a wonderful time. enjoyed being with my mom, we got to scrapbook, shop at TARGET and i think i have been banned from entering another TARGET for a while *wink (love you eric) when we entered i asked dh eric if i was on a short leash with money, girls he never answered, i think that means " honey you shop" then we get in there Christmas Eve (mind you) and he give me and mom 30 minute WHAT i can't even get to the Starbucks that's in there get a coffee and make it out of the card section in that time frame. so mom and i hurry 40 minutes and $100.00 later i think NO i know i'm in trouble! *wink have i mentioned I LOVE TARGET i think if we had one in fort snore sorry fort smith it would not be so tempting to go in one when i driving down the street. had a wonderful time Christmas morning tucker got her dog (stuffed) wiener dog "sweet pea" is her name! hey no dog food, and no mess. she never told santa that the dog had to be alive! *wink and of course we ate to much, and rested and then ate again. dh eric got to go hunting one day out on my brother jerod's land, he didn't get anything, but i think he had a wonderful time just being by himself and enjoying nature. got home last night about 9pm had to stop off at nannie and popo's house, got to spend about an hour with them (which is never enough time) got home didn't even up pack, i figured my suitcase has been packed every week-end this month so one more day will not hurt! *lol have so many things to get done over the next couple of weeks ... oh where will i find the time to get it all done, lack of sleep and starting 15 projects at one time will happen! (just a warning for eric) i think i will work full day's all this week, tucker is at ms angela's and just loves it there, so i will stay and make the paycheck alittle better, and try to get caught up on the year end stuff. well then why am i one here bloggin..... cause i can *wink!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
be back soon!

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stephfreeman said...

you know... Target is coming... and it won't be too far from your house!! Actually - it'll be closer to you than Wal-Mart - I think!!

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