Wednesday, December 07, 2005

holy moly it's wednesday sorry for not posting:( ok back from cheer and we got second. GO JAGS! had a wonderful time with my mom. tucker was so surprised when we got to the hotel and i opened the door and grandma yelled "SURPRISE" tucker loved it! after we got tucker ready at the hotel and to the compitition and tucker went back stage with the team, mom and i just got to talk and enjoyed each others company. i let tucker go to the after dance this year, stratton agreed to keep an eye on her, she said she had a great time (was over a 9pm) i think she learned some dance moves that eric would not approve of - so she got a pre warning from mom that she should not dance like that. *wink even though it was funny *sorry eric. well paige got to ride home with us and i got to earn the song "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" WOW no more singing of that song either. all and all had a great time, now we won't leave again until january, and we will go back to oklahoma city.
did the gallery gang secret santa last night at the coffee beanery, and i got a great surprise from julie jones ok she WAY out did her self. i think my favorite things was of course my chocolate brown fuzzy MM letters and a very cool notebook that she gave me that i'm going to alter it up alittle, i also got ALOT of chatterbox new paper, candy for the scrappin table, candle, other MM stickers. i loved all of it and can't wait to use some of it (i think tonight) *wink
going to silver dollar city this week-end (pending weather) i think mom is getting hit snow, and we are do to get some tonight. if it don't snow 4 inches tucker will have a fit. they have said 4 inches all week and she don't understand that the weather forcast changes. lol
oh and mr ralph tuckers hermit crab out grew his shell last night (daddy going to get a new one today) can you say YUK dh eric was telling me what he looked like with out his shell on... ok do i look like i want to know... YUK! oh and did i tell you tucker got scared when they were in here room (yes santa brought her two last year - and they are still alive) so they mr ralph and hermi have moved to the kitchen counter. YUK! oh well. well because tucker got hermit crabs from santa last year, she asked santa for a baby weinie dog for this year, i hope she won't be too sad cause i think santa ran out of that kind. *wink no dogs yet!
well better get back to work - will talk tommorow!
huggs OO kisses XX and love

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Julie said...

Sounds like you had a great time at cheer and Tucker was surprised by Grandma. I don't think I want to know what a hermit crab looks like without its shell! So glad you liked your scrapbook stuff! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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