Wednesday, May 10, 2006

good mornin blogland (and to the only 5 people who read this *wink)

alot has happened in the last week so hear again is a recap....
1. please keep my mom connie in your prayers - she is still in the hospital some time last week her appendix ruptured and had to have surgery last thursday night. she was filled with the toxic crap that can go into your body when this happens. she is still not up to par, but i'm believing that she will make a complete recovery. i only wish i was closer to her to take care of her.
2. my nannie is having surgery this coming monday on her eyes. please say a prayer for her too.
3. good news my friend julie that we were praying for her little pug miles... that little thing came home on saturday! YEA! check out the whole story on her blog to the left.
4. dakota gave me a lil scare last night called from the ER in rogers. he is ok just cut open his knee while playing ball. and 5 stitches and 12 staples later, he is feeeling much better. just talked to him and he took the day off from school. did i mention he got his 1st job... he will be working at the hospital in rogers, not sure what all he will be doing yet. i'm excited for him, cause he's excited.
5. the girls and i had a wonderful time on friday scrapbooking at my house all said and done i got nannie cheer book done, tucker's teacher year end gift done, julies cj done, the cover to my NY album, and a little organizing. now i have to get everything doen for GASC we leave in 29 days WOW! i know i'm taking my NY album, i got everything sorted in to places, pics, and thing i picked up last night at cheer. that is ready to go. still have a list of cj to get done, i hope to get to work on that this week-end. plus need to take more pics of tucker to take with me. i'm only taking 3 classes so i will have alot of time to get personal stuf


Julie said...

I so wish I could have been there Friday! I missed you guys...can't wait for GASC! Counting down the days...woohoo!!!

Rhonda said...

Have a happy mother's day Le!!!!
Love ya!!

stephfreeman said...

how exciting for Dakota... first job! Praying for your mom and Nannie!

Anonymous said...

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