Tuesday, May 02, 2006

yes - yes i'm still here.
CRAZY CRAZY around here! So heres the big long catch up...
in arlington all three squads took home the 1st place trophy. done for this year, but looking forward to what is in store for next year. around there and with staci as the coach it's only gonna get better! In other cheer news check out www.acujags.com and check out who is the parent of the month. ME !! keith hocott gave me the honor, although i think he is really confused about me being so loud that i have forced him to move the camera set up. *wink i love the friends that we have made at that gym - life long friends that are just awesome... yes keith you can be one! but your wife helps your status *wink.
2. eric has drill this week-end so what else would the women of the house do on NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY! that's right the girls are coming over! friday night yea! hope to get some stuff done and caught up. you funny girl! went to scrapbook mania in fayetteville last friday - got 2 of my mm masters layout done - i really love them! got 1/2 of another done. gonna try to get some stuff sorted and done tonight after cheer.
3. well keeping up on the house is going well the living room - bathroom - and dining room stay very clean and organized. i have had 2 yard sales and at each of them i have limited myself at what i put back into the garage, so that means alot has been donated or given to goodwill. i have got 1/2 the attic cleaned out and sorted to scrapbooking or to the kids memory boxes. makes me feel so good getting the clutter out. still have a lot more to go through. hope to have the clutter out and basics only by the end of the year. *crossing fingers!
4. www.lifeslittlemomentsphoto.com is going well. booked through the middle of june, and hoping to get some more bookings. this brings me so much joy and relaxation - i love creating memories for others. got to get on to eric to finish the web page and get some advertising going!
5. well the school year is almost over hard to believe that dakota will be in 11th grade and tucker in 2nd - where does the time go. i guess this is a hard time of the year for some of the teachers - my friend athena i think has it down to minute of when school is out!
6. on great news tucker and i were baptised on sunday night at our church. was a very moving and exciting moment for both of us. to see tucker's love for Jesus shine is one of the most powerful things i have ever seen.
7. please keep eric's old unit in your prayers 1/25 is in iraq now, pray for their safety, and to keep them stong.
8. keep my dear friend julie in your prayers to - her lil pug miles is missing. please pray for miles safe return home.
i guess that's all i can think of for now. hope everyone has a great week.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
Le Anne


Julie said...

Le, I love you. Thank you for being such a sweet friend. Have fun scrapbooking! Go JAGS too! Way to go Tucker!

stephfreeman said...

How awesome to have a National Champion under your roof! COOL! and I can't IMAGINE you being a vocal fan..... really! Go Parent of the Month... Go Le!

Anonymous said...

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