Tuesday, May 23, 2006

36 ..... NO FLIPPIN WAY!

yes i'm 36 years old today. i will still claim 29 though.....*wink! how can woman be so blessed.
eric and tucker surprised me at my office first thing this morning before she left for school. (poor thing she is as bad as her mom, if there is a present involved OPEN IT NOW!) she could not wait till after cheer. i got a wonderful trinket box and two cards that were so perfect to me and eric and me and tucker. got a cup of coffee and a coffee beanery gc.

a card from my mom & dad with money

then this morning my nannie called..... have you ever loved somebody so much? NO..... not as much as i love my nannie. she called to wish me happy birthday, and the tears started to fall when she told me how much i mean to her and my popo, and all the memories she has of me growing up. i love you nannie & popo!

a phone call from my little brother jerod! love you

a card from bill and melinda with money

then the surprise from my girlfriends julie, melanie, and rhonda they brought me a home made cake with chocolate icing and SPRINKLES! i even got a candle to blow out (yes just one we did not need to call the fire department) i love you girls!

phone call from stephanie and ecard's from kara and karen. love you two!

i'm 36 crap that means i'm closer to 40 that i am 30 now! i don't think i look 36! do i? still full of life and a life that i love living, blessed with a husband and children who love me and help me reach for my dreams. a mom who loves me and forgives me for being a lil crazy sometimes, and family who loves me just as i am. friends that i could never live without and who push me to reach for my dreams.

me at 36 - thank-you for helping me celebrate!
love le anne


Monica B. said...

No, you don't look 36! Happy Birthday!!!

Julie said...

You DO NOT look 36. I've always thought you were closer to my age...and I'm continuing to pray for you since you are a liar...he he. I can't stop laughing about that little story! Can't wait to see the stuff Jenna will come up with at Tucker's age!

lilscrappymom said...

ummm your age is all in your mind... you are 29 and holding!!!!! and you are also in my prayers for that lil lying problem... GOD please rescue Leanne from her addiction to lying, she knows not what she does, help her today Lord as she goes about telling the truth!! hah

hope your birthday was so blessed and you enjoyed each moment(except the part about being at work)!

love ya

stephfreeman said...

ok.... really it is 21... with 15 years experience! And you don't look a day over 26!

Rhonda said...

Our little b-day party at the office was so fun! Thanks for sharing your cake with us! And you don't look over a day 27! Just think about 1 week and we will be enjoying Mikearitas! Yes, I am bringing Mikearitas! I thought we should give em a try! Won't our scrap pages look cute!!!!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

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