Monday, June 05, 2006

hi world.....

13 days since my last entry.. i know understand why i don't keep a paper journal..i suck at this! but since i'm here i will update you..pull up a chair and a cup of your favorite java.. i got mine here carmel frap from coffee beanery (went for frozen today!)
1. i just talked to my lil brother jerod on the phone (he races jet skies as a hobby and is ranked i think in the top 15 of his ski range in the US) yes he rocks! anyhow he and my sil denae and my mom connie went to lincoln neb. this week-end to race, he was in a crash on his ski yesterday. i could tell he was tired and let him go, all i got for now is that he messed up his right arm pretty good an x-ray (nothing is broken) and well how bad the ski is he didn't want to talk about it! please pray that he is ok and that ski doesn't need alot of $ to repair.
2. last week was a very rough week for me dealing with alot of presonal issues and struggles trying to work through them with the help of my mom and friends (what i would do with out my mom and friends - CRAZY) my mom love her she listens and then just tells me how it is! so does melanie sometimes you just need to have someone get in your face and tell you that it is ok to have bad days. my personal struggles are some that i don't care to share on line.. but if you would pray for me and my family.
3. had a yard sale on saturday only made about $80.00 but hey almost enough to pay for my hotel for this week-end.. yea! means i don't have to put it on a credit card!
4. tucker and i went to the old fort day rodeo on saturday night, and had a great time. she loved the cowboys.. (wonder where she gets that from??) she really enjoyed the barrell racing, cause it was the girls! girls rodeoing ROCKS! so everyone knows how bad this child wants a dog, well now she asked for a horse.. so daddy can teach her how to barrell race. told her we could not put a horse in our back yard.. so she then asked can we by a farm? i love it.. eric just laughed when i told him the story last night. i just think in the back of my mind she has got the perfect name... rodeo queen Tucker Bull barrell racing champion Tucker Bull .. think eric knew this would happen when he named her? i hear this KU home coming queen Tucker Bull and captian of KU cheer squad Tucker Bull. think we put to much pressure on her.. no cause she don't know i'm think this!
5. getting ready for gasc in arlington! leaving on wednesday with the girls. so excited i could use a little break. plus i have so much to catch up on scrapbooking wise. looking forward to a grand gasc time with julie, melanie, monica, rhonda, april d, and my newest buddies larolin and terry from little rock met these two and just hit it off. larolin owns get scrapbooking kit company check it out! staying at the wyndam hope that a/c works this year! and looking forward to joes crab shack! wonder if chachie still works there?
6. then the next weekend i will be heading up to pittsburg kansas (my home town) home of the gorillas grrrrrrr! for my family reunion. can't wait. my aunt melinda and uncle carl are flying in along with their kids anna and her husband marc and their little one . my cousin hans who lives in memphis tenn. can't wait to see everyone. gonna do some pictures for everyone. looking forward to getting some good ones of me and my grandparents and me and my mom, then some of my grandparents by themselves.
7. photography is going really well, i am so happy with how the buisness is going and hope it really takes off this summer.
8. well day i will work and go to the gym tonight, tommorow gym at 5:15 am and work all day, eric will take tucker to cheer, work wednesday till 3 then i'm out town baby! will check back when i return. will miss you all and see you soon.
huggs OO kisses XX and love leanne


Julie said...

I can't wait for GASC! Thanks for the update about ya. It is good to have a mom and a great friend to talk to huh? Can't wait till Wednesday!

Julie said...

I can't wait for GASC! Thanks for the update about ya. It is good to have a mom and a great friend to talk to huh? Can't wait till Wednesday!

Karen said...

About time you updated your blog. Like I have room to talk. It sounds like you need a weekend away with the girls. Enjoy yourself!


Anonymous said...

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