Wednesday, February 01, 2006

bad blogger.. i have been! sorry! but.. here i am!
hope everyone is doing well, thing week has been crazy for me, and have a feeling it will be getting a little crazier! hey like i alway say welcome to my life. *wink have been working and doing many SLAH parties, eric out of town yesterday and then again this week-end, have cheerleading practice, but this week-end i will be heading to my mom and dad's house in lawrence kansas (home of the JAYHAWKS) will going for my mom's winter event at work (big dinner lots of door prizes) my brothers trevor and jerod and wifes will be taking care of both the kids (might pray for them, neither have children yet.. but i'm waiting!!! HELLO BOYS) will head up friday when i pick up tucker from school then swing through rogers pick up dakota and then on my way. then i need to head to tulsa on sunday for a kv meeting for the marine corps. will be alot of road time.. but sure to enjoy the time with my mom. trying to decided what to do about life, yes in general (alot of thought) have really let the house go this week and have done no house work! for that i will have to get it all done tonight plus go to walmart, and clean out the truck and wash it! where it that money tree at? i have not scrapbooked since last month, falling really behind on alot of work. got most of the girls cj drawn out and idea written on paper, but have i started one? NO! getting ready for the 12 hour crop, wondering how much i will get done at that, and still have to get my class kits together. time - time i need more of it! i say when the bills get paid off and the house get clean and can stay caught up on that, i realize i have forgot to do the thing that brings me so much joy! got my albums last night from heidi swapp so hoping to get started on cheer album and new york trip. ok i'm done whining!
huggs OO kisses XX and love


Julie said...

You'll get it all done Le. I don't know how you manage everything with the schedule you have, but you always do! If you want me to come help out, just call girl! You know I'm here!

lilscrappymom said...

ummm was that all typed in one breath cuz it seemed like one big long sentence! haha
you will manage, i am amazed at all you are able to do in your day!


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