Friday, January 26, 2007

happy friday.....

so ready to go! go to ok city and see if we can't bring home another national championship. will leave after work and be home on sunday night. i hope everyone has a great week-end.

did i mention i know a cha secret! can't wait for it to come out! kisses and congrads.... you know who you are!
le anne


stephfreeman said...

ok - you are killing me with this secret! SPILL!

Julie said...

hee hee...can't wait for the secret to come out. woohoo!!! =)

shawnda said...

Ok is the secret that mel's layouts were there or is it something completely different? And how'd the JAGS do in the city?

lilscrappymom said...

hehehe (think evil julies hehhehehe)

secrets between friends... oh the things i could tell if i was a secret teller person..... heheheheh

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