Thursday, January 25, 2007

let's talk.....

well here i am - thursady and getting reday to head off to oklahoma city this week-end to cheer cheer cheer GO JAGS!
this week has been fairly quiet... really jealous of all my friends you are going to CHA in cali this week-end. can't wait to share my BIG secret about what's going on at this years CHA... stay tuned.

well no one has responded to my #1 post from jan 15 but i love this list from so here is my #2 post (this is really #37 on the list)

list all the places you have lived...
birth to about 3rd grade Pittsburg Kansas
3rd grade to about 7th grade Tempe Arizona
7th grade to about 9th grade Pittsburg Kansas
9th grade to age 25 Rogers Arkansas
age 25 to age 30 Fayetteville Arkansas
age 30 to present Fort Smith Arkansas

when i think of all the place i have lived, diffrent people you have crossed pathes with... where are they today? who knows and maybe who cares! sorry live for today and cherish it!

well my photography web page is done and updated check me out eric has worked really had on it! thanks honey!

on another note while i didn't make the prism paper dt i did get a teaching job at in april and maybe another too! so excited kristen the owner sounds so sweet. i will give you more details soon!

well wish tucker luck this week and i will post how she does when we return!

het shout out to my mom - Connie friday is her birthday!
Happy Birthday Mom - I Love You!
le anne


Julie said...

happy birthday connie! have fun this weekend le, and you know how i feel about the prism thing. you are awesome, no matter what. remember that! i would list the places i've lived, but that would be pretty boring actually because the list isn't very long. =) love ya!

Monica said...

Good luck Tucker!!!
I am pretty boring, I have lived in Fort Smith my entire life!
Congrats on the teaching job!! Now what is it you know about CHA?????

stephfreeman said...

Happy birthday Connie! Good luck Tucker. Congrats on the teaching job... sounds cool! Checked out the website earlier today - looks awesome! Don't tell Eric though - his head is big enough. I have lived in Wynne, AR; McCrory, AR; Augusta, AR; Stuttgart, AR and Greenwood, AR. Still going to do #1 - just haven't had the family up to it yet! I want to take the boys with me. OK - that should cover it. Have a great weekend!

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