Wednesday, April 19, 2006

well here i am blog slacker! have been busy at work, cheer, home, buisness, ect. in other words alot of crap to be done and never enough time to do it in!
well this coming week-end is the last cheer compitition of the year, thursday after practice we will be heading to arlington texas, and to six flags! will get there late but will get to sleep in and while eric is off playing golf with the guys tucker and i will hit the scrapbook store recollections and have some girl fun. kinda sad will be the last performace of this years routinue but tryouts for next year are may 13 and look forward to what staci has up her sleeve for next years routine. did i mention tucker did her backhand spring last night on her own off the wedge. go tucker - so proud of you!
the girls and i a gearing up for some scrappin fun... going to fayetteville on the 28th for an all nighter at scrapbook mania, may 5 the crop is at my house, june it back to gasc in arlington, august ck in tulsa, and going with the april derek back to texas in october. so excited. now that i have been published for the first time, like any scrapbooker, i want it again. i must be patient. so im gonna get all the little project i have started complete, use up my stock, that way there when i go to the conventions i get some new stuff. speaking of new stuff check out they got the new queen & co. stuff in! YUMMY - projects i need to get done....
1. finish nannies cheer album of tucker
2. start my two years of cheer pictures, and programs, metals that are stacking up
3. have not even started ny city and washington dc album
4. cjs to do
5. cherry arte dt call
6. and the big one - im gonna enter the mm masters - like i have a snowballs chance in h**** but you dont know till you try.

have done a handle full of photo shoots over the week-end trying to get them done. have two weddings next month. plus getting close on having my font stuff done, and now im doing tshirts. people wonder why i don't sleep. *wink not to much longer 256 days!

ok i will end on a funny story.....
two weeks ago the kids saw the lady down the street having a yard sale, "mom can we get out our yard sale stuff?" "we'l do it mom, if you will help us get it out." mom "ok" drag it all out by 9am and between 9am and 1pm them to kids made $258.00 mom "holy crap" so this past easter weekend was the planned yardsale - yard signs, ad in the paper, took off work at 1 on friday to set up the whole back yard with my priceless junk.... and i make $50.00 mom "what the heck!!!" so box up what has been in two yard sales and gave to the goodwill, yes mom i didnt hang on to it! *wink i think i'm getting better at my pack rat problem.

need to get some serious work done to the house. *hint eric

running through walmart yesterday i think i found my furniture for my crop space will only need $400.00 for furniture and then so cute add ons.
good thing meli is having a yard sale and she said i could bring some stuff over! hope to put some of it on laya way and get it bought up! wish me luck. i think that is a quick catch up.
will try to do better and keeping up.
huggs OO kisses XX and love
Le Anne


Julie said...

you are a busy lady. i didn't know you were going to texas with april in october. I swear, I am always out of the loop. i think we use the "bff" term too loosly around here! I'll bet the furniture is so cute, I'll have to check it out.

stephfreeman said...

I didn't know you were going with April in October either!! Is that the GASC in Plano?? Peggy and I just discovered that and were talking about trying to make it!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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