Thursday, November 02, 2006

ok i know i'm posting twice in one week... get off the floor! *wink

while yesterday was a crazy day for Tucker and i, we got to spend it together! So here's what went down...
7:15am dr. harper (orthodontist)
8:45am dr. johnson (dermatologist)
the up town to go get hair product's (they were out, wasted trip) to snug as a bug for new cheer item (all boxed up, for holiday market, wasted trip) then off to tan, then to mall shoes @ warrens, check! bra @ victoria secret's, check! off to find jewlery, NO tucker wanted to shop and i could not fing what i thought would look good with my dress and the girl at the store NO HELP! to dillards to find jewlery, i guess i was not dress nice enough go no one to ever offer to help! gave up left mall. ran home got tucker's cheer stuff around and picked up stuff that i needed to be delivered! went by and picked up fabric that i ordered from eric's uncle tom furniture store! LOVE IT!!!
12:00pm lunch with mel and mia @ el lorito's had a wonderful time! thanks mel
1:30pm eye brow wax @ salon 1801 with suzette
2:10pm dr. laster (eye doctor) new contacts and found a SUPER CUTE pair of glasses i wanted, but have not ordered... YET! *wink
3:30pm coach staci (tucker's private tumbling lesson)
4:10pm le nails -manicure for tucker full set of nails and pedicure for me!
eric had to come and get tucker for tumbling class 5:30-6:30 i then left le's and went to pick her up, picked up dinner on the way home. cleaned house and got stuff ready for cheer tonight. and then i sat down and watched CSI NY off to bed.

my day... CRAZY
but what is so sad i didn't get a third down of what i needed to, before eric and i leave for the Marine Corps ball tommorow morning... yes it will be a long night.

still cleaning out the house and feel better about it, making head way. i don't see a yard sale in my future soon, so i think to start fresh and to make my house look festive for the up coming holiday season... i will be boxing up yard sale stuff that i have strung through the house and stick in garage. i want to put up Christmas trees and decorations. so i hope to get busy on that soon.

cheer season is upon us and the traveling starts next week-end off to hot springs arkansas then the next week-end to tulsa oklahoma then we have a couple of week-ends off for the holiday the start back up the first two week-end in december. love it, have had a little drama at cheer lately and hope it will work it's self out!

tucker had a great halloween, i will try to get pics up the first of the week! till then off to do some work!
huggs OO kisses XX and love
le anne


Monica said...

I love traveling for sports!! So much fun! Sounds like you have been busy! Have fun at the ball!

stephfreeman said...

wow! it has been super busy. Have fun dancing the night away! Hope you guys enjoy a much needed trip together!

Julie said...

love your recap le!

shawnda said...

You are one busy woman!!! I bet you'll look great and be the bell of the ball!!! Have fun.
Love ya, Shawnda

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