Monday, January 15, 2007

good morning blog land

first i want to share what a great week-end we had. we headed off to grapevine texas on friday to cheer cheer cheer. and i'm happy to say we can home through some pretty bad weather, but got some beautiful pictures.... but we can back NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! yes i cried, tucker's squad went up against some great compitition and came out on top! eric got some great pictures of her and i will share tonight or in the morning. GO JAGS GO!

i want to share with you a weg page i found and join in this 100 day adventure with me... has opened my eyes to the "little things in life" i ordered her book "living out loud" should be here any day! yea! she as a "100 ideas" list created for scrapbooking or other creative ideas. i have decided to use this list to discover more of the little things in my life. if you print the list off i'm not going in order, i'm gonna do them as i feel they are touching my life. wanna do it with me?

1. go for a walk. draw or list things you find on the sidewalk. (this is the real #1)

for me... on new years day eric was doing some work and tucker and i just wanted to get out of the house. was just cold enough to where a sweatshirt and feel the brisk of the cold air, but yet be comfortable. as we walked along tucker enjoys running (she didn't get this from me *wink) so we would run a couple of blocks and then walk a few blocks. in all of her 7 years of life i have always reached out to hold her hand, (i don't know if this is bad, but for me was still moving) along this walk tucker reached up and took my hand many times, and simply said "i love you mommy" or "your the best mommy" and "mom this is alot of fun, cause we get to see all that Jesus made for us" tucker has such a heart for Jesus and all of His works in this world. suddenly we were looking for bugs and how every tree was diffrent, and how can a flower come up through the sidewalk... you know the little things. but yet to God they are so big and He put them there everyday for us to enjoy, and in the crazy world we call life... we are short to enjoy them somedays.

well there is my #1 now your need to take a walk and discover, then leave a link to yours on your blog or email them to me, i would love to read them.

much love
le anne
aka julsies libby


Becca said...

I think God uses our children to remind us to stop and enjoy all the little things. I know I thank God for my little baby everyday. They are God's most wonderful little creations.

stephfreeman said...

WOOHOO!! NATIONAL CHAMPS - SOOOO COOL! WAY TO GO TUCKER! AND - awww.... I love your little discoveries. I think I need to try that with the boys! I think I'll wait for a warmer day than today though! Love ya! Thanks for the inspiration!

Julie said...

yay Tucker! so proud of you sweetie!!! love your post is great to stop and look at things like that. smooches!

shawnda said...

Good job Tucker and the rest of the JAGS! WOW.
What a neat challenge and sounds like a great book. Thanks for reminding us to stop and really look at life. Love ya and miss ya,

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