Thursday, August 02, 2007

well here we are 184.4 now down total of 4.4 pounds
i thought it would be more... but eric said i'm doing well!
heading off to little rock this week-end
got the cheer schedule this morning... getting closer!
see you next week


Julie said...

you are doing so good! woohoo!

stephfreeman said...

That is awesome! So proud of you! We can be hungry together!

melanie said...

YAY!! way to go girl!! hey 4 pounds is 4 POUNDS!!! that is awesome! i have heard the slower it comes off... while you are working at losing, it stays off!!!

you go you sexy thing!

shawnda said...

Way to go Le, you are doing great! Keep up the hard work and I wish I had your determination.

Julie said...

you've been tagged!

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