Wednesday, December 12, 2007

well here i am - 4 months later, and alot of things to talk about. i will start with these pictures and work from there. 4 cheer compititions and 4 - 1st places later! these are a few of my favorite photos of tucker.

i will stop and say that our family is doing well, alot of struggles and hard times. but hoping the first of the year will bring a fresh start!

love to all...le anne irene


Julie said...

Hey Le Anne,

So good to see you posting. Great photos of Tucker. Way to go girlie!


stephfreeman said...

Great shots of Tucker! Way to go, girl! Steph

Monica said...

Le, so happy to *see* you again!!! Go TUCKER!! Seriously, how does she bend like that! Awesome pictures!

shawnda said...

Tucker looks so grown up. Her hair is sooo long. Love the pics. It's good to see you posting again.
Hugs and love

Anonymous said...

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