Friday, January 02, 2009

good afternoon..
day 2 and doing well
stayed on the diet, no ugly words said and tucker and i spent the whole day together and had a great time. dog park, bowling, playing games and doing laundry (not fun for her but had to be done!)

you can see all of my scrapbook room floor now.. YEA!!! and going to do some work in it tonight! the living room not so pretty, but i have gone throught 21 boxes from stuff from the fire and got it down to 16 boxes. if i had my china canbinet and 2 more shelving unit in the scrapbook room (eric's Marine Corps stuff) it would be down alot more... but i will continue to wait on the insurance company to pay the man who is repairing, and restoring my antiques.

have not figured out how to post pics yet (sorry) but i have taken pictures of the scrapbbok room in progress to share... it doesn't look like jenni bowlin's but im happy with out it has come out.

only 3 more days off till im back to my part time job at school, have enjoyed the break with tucker and family.

off to play and clean (that only said for eric *wink wink)see you tomorrow!

love le anne


Julie said...

Your room is awesome! I loved it. :)

The Shaw's said...

I am so happy to see you blogging. I have been thinking about you this year and praying for you. I loved the day you surprised me at my house. I hope this is the best year ever for you!

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