Wednesday, February 11, 2009

thank-you for the phone calls and love
pity party not over... a little worse!!!!!

1 year ago today i found out i had cancer
what a year!

i need to find my purpose.. my calling.. learn to follow through.. i want so much more from life.. sometimes i feel im living such a lie..

congrads to april - having a boy!
ali edwards had her new little one... she is so pretty!

le anne


Tammy said...

Le Anne -you defnitely have a purpose in this life. You have so much talent (Angie showed me the portraits you did of her family). God has brought you through this past year and He has something greater for you in the upcoming year.
Chin up!

Julie said...

Libby Lou: I love you so much. Sometimes it is hard to see our purpose, huh? I feel that way a lot. Especially now that JB is off to school. What am I here to do? The only answer I've gotten so far is that I'm here to serve Him. That's good enough for me.

Big hugs, honey. I can't wait to see you again!

Monica said...

You looked sooooo cute this morning!!!
Sometimes you get so caught up in making it day to day that you forget that there is a purpose to all of this.
It is amazing what can happen in a year! Hope you are feeling better and have recouped from this weekend

Melanie said...

i love you sweetie. sometimes in the middle of the storm we lose sight of the shore. It is ok. God has such a wonderful plan for your oh so generous heart. He will reveal it when you are ready, in the mean time, just keep lookin up!
love you

kkbrat said...

Hi Honey!!! I found you again! Its Kelly From Minnesota your cousin. We need to connect again. My email addy is email me and I will get your phone number again.

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