Wednesday, January 20, 2010

good afternoon to all ( 5 of ya!) wink wink

been very crazy in my life (not that that EVER changes)
but i would really like to take a step back and redo, and change priorities! i think mine are really messed up!
i want to spend so much time with tb - it hit me the other day she only has 8 more years at home with me. 8 years what? i just love her so... i have be striving to be a better mother to her. but what about me, i really need some me time! i so misss scrapbooking and taking pictures of her and have something to journal about. i think since the fire and loosing everything why bother, i got her and the memories, but i need to write them down... all of them.
wanted to do bsf so bad, but no time! and i have almost talked myself out of the bible study that starts tomorrow night, no way to get tb to me when basketball ends at 7 and bible study starts at 6:30.
want my house to be nice to have people over, scrapbook, have a girl movie night, ect. NO MONEY! whole diffrent story.
i think im lost! i want to be found... can i slow down or will the guilt of not letting tb have a fun and action packed childhood get to me.
im lost! so i will be better about blogging at least i get my feelings out this way. now that tb has a camera i can attach pictues i will try to share a couple of pictures a week with you.
i hope everyone has a great week...
kisses and love
le anne


Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying about wanting to spend as much time with her as possible...but yet needing a little me time and trying not to feel guilty about it. I have felt the same way but in the end I realized that it seems to make me a better mom or at least happier when I have given myself a little alone time. Then I treasure the time I have with my kids that much more. Of course that is just my opinion, but Tucker is very lucky to have you as a mom and I know she will always treasure the time you spent with her. As always you are in my thoughts and my prayers. Love, April

Julie said...

Dude, update your blog. :)

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