Thursday, September 06, 2012

good morning sitting here with my coffee trying to get modivated to do some work around the penthouse (aka our top floor apartment... nothing but the best) crazy week with lots of softball games, cheer practice, football games, and homework. tomorrow i will go scrapbook during the day at local store, love the quiet time with out looking around the penthouse and thinking i need to do something. there i just focus on fun and crafting. going to try my hand at trying out for a design team... not that i have any hope of making it... BUT i made this canvas the morning that i saw the dt call and i thought what have i got to loose? so wish me luck! thanks april for you help! next week-end will be a girls get away to the mountain... scrapbooking, good food, crafting, photo taking, smell good fires, and giggles (so go on and tell your lil boyfriend) prep... so need to decide what i will be working on... pictures, packing... so ready for the get away! wont go into personal matters... still need ALOT of prayer and a miracle! much love le anne

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Tara Anderson said...

Hi! I'm so sorry I didn't see your comment earlier on my blog. All of my summer vacation photos were taken in Florence OR, and just a little N. of Florence. The beaches there are the best, which is what brings us back every summer. The town itself is lovely as well, small and very touristy. Here's the towns website: Hope that helps! ~ Tara Anderson

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