Wednesday, February 21, 2007

good morning -

well here i am blog slacker yet once again! i will begin with the news and then jump up on my soapbox and well you know the b word!

first and foremost i leave tucker with her daddy on monday and i come home to my baby who can now ride her bike all by herself... no training wheels, no daddy running beside her. i cried.

second cheer we will be leaving for memphis this week-end... i hope we have better luck this week-end. last week-end we went to dallas to nca nationals (the BIG one) and tucker's team was against 12 other teams. now mind you i knew this was a big one, and was setteling for the top half of the group 6th or above and i would be happy well we got 10th... i was sad and hard not to show it in front of tucker. the girls did GREAT just against some really big squads and just couldn't hang on! yes i take cheerleading WAY to serious!

well here i am asking myself, what am i here for? i get in these moods alot here lately and not sure why... old age, depression, un-sure of myself??? i don't know! what else do i take WAY to serious scrapbooking and the whole "getting discovered" process! recap - i eneter mm master discovered NO entered making memories idol discovered NO! i came to the conclusion... (with the help of julsies) i should need NO one to judge my work! i'm creating memories for my children and that's that!

and lastly, i need to find peace, happiness, and less stress. i on the search to find it!
love to all
le anne


shawnda said...

You are defiently changing the world we live in. You are an awesome woman, wife, mother, friend and child of God. Even though we all struggle at times with feeling invisible or even useless that is Satan attacking! You bring joy, happiness, meaning, honesty and much more to the table for several people. You are very talented and you strive for perfection in all you do! Hugs and Kisses and I'll pray that you'll pull through this slump soon. Remebmer Spring is around the corner my friend.

Monica said...

Le, You are one of the most talented scrapper I know. You are one of my idols, I know MB idol is not as big as MM idol, but at least you know I luv ya!

dana said...

We as women all struggle with these kinds of things. I agree with Julie, you dont need anyone judging your work because first of all it is fabulous, second you are leaving your family something special. Praying for ya, and Love ya. dana

stephfreeman said...

I love you. The others have said the rest. I love you, Leanne Irene Bull! oh - and WOOHOO TUCKER! Check you out! Can't wait to see photos on that bike!

Julie said...

Libby Lou, you know how I feel honey. I've told you several times and I mean it. YOU are awesome. Stay true to you and that is good enough for anyboday. I love you...and look you are MB Idol! =) hee hee. Monica, you are so cute! Julesie

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