Friday, February 09, 2007

well i guess if you can't go to cha - send one of your best friends with a notebook! thanks Jenni - Heidi - Elsie! Love You All! i am still am open for dt work! **hint * wink wink

le anne
aka libby


5886592 said...

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Julie said...

so sweet of April to think of you!! =)

shawnda said...

I thought the notebook was sooo cute. Do I see a framed notebook page in your house in the future?LOL

Monica said...

OMG! Is April your favorite person right now!!! That is really cool!

stephfreeman said...

super cool! One day - you'll be the famous person with someone standing next to you holding a notebook saying wish you were here! COOOL!

dana said...

I love this! Just think next time you will be the ONE there!

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