Friday, February 02, 2007

it's a tag.... from julie amber
list 5-6 wierd - quirky things about you.... here you go!

1. please don't laugh... i'm afraid of the dark. yes i know very childish. but for as long as i can remember, the fear of someone getting me while i lay sleeping creeps me out! when eric is gone i do sleep with several lights on.

2. i to have a pepper thing... i love pepper NO salt just pepper!

3. i can not fly by the seat of my pants.... (eric will be glad i'm admitting this) i hate it when i have a plan.... you know a schedule and something or someone throws something in the plan.... i get HOT! i feel off track, i did all this planning for what? i would live to be the type of person who can just GO and do something wild and crazy!

4. i have a notebook problem.... i love cute little notebooks, journals, anything paper products, i can buy and i know i don't need it - BUT they will never make something this cute ever again! so i buy!

5. i have had the same haircut since highschool - YES folks that will be 20 years ago next year 2008 graduated 1988. Going to get a haircut tomorrow how i don't know, but the fear of doing something diffrent scares the H*** out of me. must be able to go in ponytail and back in clip.... NO weraing hair down. i feel fr the hair dresser tomorrow.

other than that i normal.... ok stop laughing.
le anne


dana said...

Trust me your normal! I have several weird quirks myself!


becca said...

Who are you kidding? I know you are NOT normal! =) If you aren't going to wear your hair down just cut it short. I cut mine off to my shoulders, so you can too! Love ya!

stephfreeman said...

I am so glad to hear about everyone else's quirks. I don't have any myself ;)

Julie said...

love your quirks libby lou!

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