Thursday, August 30, 2012

a couple week-ends ago i was BLESSED by misty, she and i went to the ck convention here in tulsa. was a GREAT time!! i really stopped taking classes several years ago - you just dont get what you pay for anymore... and i am a scrapbook rockstar! ( i do have a shirt that says i am! jk) but last year i could have gone broke in "the button farm" booth! so cute and you DO get your $ worth! i have have attached a picture of the class that misty and i took... LOVE! what is even cooler they are a sweet company in tahlequeh oklahoma. they do a kit club every month that you get a mini album, or decorator piece... and trust me you want to get all of them - even if its not one you will use, it would make a great gift!(Christmas is coming) go look at their web page and enjoy! cool stuff is they have now come up with their own line of stuff "farm house" someone i know will be doing a class... sometime soon (more info to come!) i will be posting something everyday crafty, or something of the bulls life everyday or maybe twice a day (like yesterday) so proud of myself! so today - i will be taking on small parts of my sweet daughters bedroom... to much stuff and some just taking up space! time to purge! today - tell some one you love them and watch their heart smile! xoxo le anne


Julie said...

I'm so glad you had a great time! :)

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