Wednesday, August 29, 2012

well here we go...a fresh start! not yet... a long or short update... my sweet baby girl has turned 13, we have moved to t-town (Tulsa, a new school, church, cheer gym, back to apartment living, and lots of emotions that are hard to express. if you would have asked about my "fresh start" (moving to Tulsa) a year ago you would have found me a little more excited back then. now that it has happned not so excited. i will say the best thing about our move is our new church and our new school tucker has been welcomed in to school as a member of the junior high cheer squad and middle school softball team. teachers AMAZING!!! the end! top notch and you feel the love and presence of the Lord when you walk in any building and at any sporting event for that matter. blessed to be a LCS Bulldog. we do miss our home, i cry daily for my house (which needs to sell BADLY) my sweet morning coffee friends, ihop after football games friends, my scrapbooking buddies and on and on. the financial strain on our family is HUGE! and with that brings stress and quick to anger... or in my case LOOSE it! i hope to keep this blog up, i took the time the other night and read all the way from the beginning to current... it was neat to see where i was and where i have gone and going. so follow me and i hope to bring you some neat sayings, scrapbooking ideas, and everyday living as a bull! live it and <3 it! le anne


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you blog more again!

Small Town Girl said...

What a beautiful young lady! Sure miss that smile.

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